moonee dams press is an australian zine publisher and distro. fine writing, laced with cyanide. to order, submit, or for a full catalogue, write moonee dams press c/o 17 mayes st. stawell, victoria australia 3380 or


Planning to order? You can do it in a couple of ways.

Send us a note at:

moonee dams press
17 mayes st
stawell, victoria
australia 3380

In that note, specify the zine/s you want sent to you. Don't forget your contact details (sometimes addresses on envelopes are obscured/damaged during the voyage).

If you want to get in contact with us right away, email us at we'll set aside your order, package it up, and send it off as soon as you get to us with the payment. It's a good idea to do this anyway- it's quicker, we'll be expecting your letter, and can let you know if it doesn't come through.

For payment, send well concealed cash.

Or you can use Paypal! Hoo-ray!

Paypal address is - be sure to include your address and your order in the 'notes' section. Technology is confusing, so it may be best to email us as well, just to make sure.

Postage costs within Australia are $2 for the first zine and 50c for each zine after that. For international orders, $2 for the first zine and 1$ for each zine after that.


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