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old favourites:

westside angst #10 ($3)

the newest issue of this must-have australian zine. this time around ianto focusses heavily on the personal issues confronting him as he turns 25 (the zine is subtitled 'the quarter-life crisis issue', and that should give you some idea of the content). thought provoking and brilliantly written - his musings on relationships have been affecting me all day. well, that and the flu.

it doesn't take a hero ($2.50)

hilarious writings from 'US Marine Sgt Major Ben Hutchings'... only a quote would do it justice:

"People don't understand what I have. I have an adrenaline fixation. I eat, sleep and breathe the stuff. I ejaculate it, drool it, and it lives under my fingernails. My hair is wet with adrenaline, and my breath is thick with its fumes. Sometimes when I think about God, I cry and adrenaline comes out. I also piss it too, after supping the wine of extreme actions"

awesome stuff. highly recommended.

it ain't a right, it's a privilege ($2.50)

More hilarious military pisstaking from the genius behind 'it doesn't take a hero', Sgt Mjr Ben Hutchings. More quotes:

"Some members of a university socialist group asked me if this zine was a joke. I assure you all, nothing I say in this zine is even remotely funny. It is all one hundred percent fact. On my mother's grave, my every principle, and by God, the Almightly Creator I swear this to be true."

more poetry in this issue, which is also longer! what value!

picaresque buttons ($2)

show the world how much you love this rocking zine with a 1" button!

avow 20 ($3) and 21 ($2)

you've seen his work on the cover of HeartattaCk, you've read his columns, and now you can finally get keith rosson's excellent zines from us at moonee dams. a must have. we also have avow stickers for $1 each, killer avow patches for $1, and a very limited amount of avow buttons for $2 each.

the hamster's name was snuffy ($2) currently out of stock

angela of 'oh, the drama!' zine tells a tragic tale of dead hamsters, mean older brothers and penthouse magazine. we've just scored a heap of her writing here at moonee dams, and thoroughly recommend it all.

picaresque # 1-8 ($2)

eight different issues of picaresque from brendan rocks. HeartattaCk says “Brendan knows how to tell a story that is fun to read, funny in a dry, witty way and often drop a subtle life lesson along the way. Find yourself a copy of picaresque and make yourself happy.”

hypochondria: a year in the waiting room with me ($2) currently out of stock

angela from 'oh, the drama' zine details all of her medical emergencies in hilarious detail. my personal favourite is where she thought she had toxic shock syndrome but only had gas. check this out.

ujaku #8 + 8.5 ($5)

finally grover gets his arse into gear and sends us the last copy of ujaku, together with a bonus mini issue! two zines for the price of one! issue #8 is more like a book than a zine - perfect bound and everything - and includes interviews with luminaries such as sole / anticon, fuck i'm dead and sunn o))). the quality of the writing is, as they say, superlative. and the cover features the best graffiti in melbourne.

oregon 101 ($2)

angela from 'oh, the drama' zine gets together with her buddy chris, a nerd obsessed with the history of video games (like there are any other kinds of nerds), and creates a pictorial guide to travelling across the rainy state. excellent reading.

doppelganger ($2)

angela and chris of 'oregon 101' again team up for a chilling tale of being left behind by your parents at the servo. hilarious stuff - highly recommended.

alright # 1 ($1)

another one from brendan rocks. just can’t get enough of this guy, can we? this one has drawings.

biking through ($2)

excellent stories of liberation through biking, this semi-personal / semi-instructional zine features stories of roadtrips, interviews with 'the bike punxxx', rants about passive smoking and a whole lot more. favourite sections include vegan recipes and interview questions about 'favourite hills to ride down'. very enjoyable indeed.

rants ($1)

like the title says, a bunch of rants. topic matter includes mesh caps, charles bukowski, jerry lee lewis and the education system.

korea, so far ($1.50)

ahh, it's great to get this zine back in stock. tales of culture shock, obnoxious british tourists, and the fledgling korean punk rock scene. dan is, at present, on his way to spain, and we can only hope that this current trip results in a zine as awesome as this.

dead weight ($2)

stories of getting drunk at a drag bar with your mum. she starts to throw up and you have to look after her. ever been there? me either. perhaps that's why this zine was such an awesome read.

the village bike #3 ($2) currently out of stock

the village bike is not about biking, but don't let that distract you. the majority of this zine is about gender fuckery, and overcoming the idea that we must always think in binary. subtitled 'academik wriot', this is pretty intellectual at times, but tempers this nicely with reviews of romantic hollywood movies. and you know what? i liked 'before sunset' too.

land of the loon ($2)

alternatively titled 'what i did on my summer vacation', angela pretty much spells out the subject matter on the first page, when she writes her mother a letter warning her about her new tattoos. going up country and dealing with the locals. excellent writing here.

split zine: piss throw zine/go get fucked ($2)

it's tough to decide which half of this split zine is funnier. piss throw has short, sometimes autobiographical stories that crack us up; go get fucked is longer, quasi rants.

freshly punched ($2)

according to the cover page, "three vignettes featuring two sisters that occasionally let their emotions and their blood alcohol content get the better of them."

how the west was almost won (50c)

a zine for kids, supposedly. pretty pictures. westerns are so hot right now.

peace force # 1 (50c)

a quirky little zine that features inspiring rants and a funny little story. it's little too!

punctuation training (a confession) ($2) currently out of stock

this is seriously one of the best zines i have ever read. my favourite thing about angela's writing is the tone - it's almost like one of your friends telling you a story in a cafe somewhere. i can't help feeling like every pre-pubescent girl in the world should have a copy of this zine. and every pre-pubescent boy too.

westside angst #9 ($2)

ianto is like the god of the australian zine scene - indeed, i reckon that if you know about us, you probably know about him. stories of trips to melbourne, bored at work stuff, and - my favourite bit - zinester name dropping. if only i had rated a mention.

harbinger #5 (free)

based around the theme of 'disaster', this crimethinc paper examines the positive aspects of the disasters that befall us. my favourite section here would have to be the article on failure... makes me feel better about sucking at my job.

nerf jihad #1-5 ($2)

nerf jihad #5 now available! and it comes with a free cd comp called 'kickin rad!' from matt's cd distro. full of awesome folk punk and punk pop. man, is there nothing this boy can do?

apparently matt has just begun doing stand up comedy around sydney, and given the content of this zine, i wouldn't be surprised if he's pretty awesome. stories of brushes with fame, fan mail to tv stars (ah, catriona rowntree...), abusive letters to corperations, and an excellent review section at the back. highly, highly recommended.

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